What Is Cloud Supercomputing?

We all have heard the cloud computing term but are you familiar with cloud supercomputing? We have two of the most powerful technologies, the supercomputer, and the cloud technology, and they are used separately till now. But what thought about combining them and forming a humungous technology which can solve a lot of solutions!

What If Cloud Is Used As A Supercomputer?

Cloud supercomputing is just an astonishing term. It’s about combining two different technologies, both with their capabilities and both very different from each other.

Imagine a world where a small smartphone can simulate the collision of the Andromeda galaxy and our Milkyway galaxy in real-time! Not only this, but all the AR and VR technology can become more real. The machine learning algorithms can be more accurate and all the resource engine is all available in the cloud!

Many things can happen with this powerful technology. From the more accurate stock prediction and life-saving tactics in the medical field, all the things can be done with this technology. Moreover, real-life supervised learning with animations or also with AR can enhance children’s imagination. AR technology can be used to guide an ambulance with the shortest and best route possible with some of the fastest prediction algorithms.

And like these, millions of problems can be solved all over the world. All that is required is only the internet!

What are the Challenges Of Cloud Supercomputing?

Both the supercomputer and cloud technology is different in the sense of mainly scalability and availability. Because supercomputer is used only by scientists for making some powerful conclusion to their research. Normally a supercomputer is big and requires an even larger server area for all the computation.

This all sounds good to scientists but what about normal people? The people like us usually do not require a supercomputer for a specific job and that is the challenge of how to combine both such technologies.

On the other hand, cloud technology is vast, distributed, and can be available to all the people on earth. They both are contradictory, i.e. supercomputer is very remote and authorized to a special person only while cloud is for everyone.

Combining both the technology is a very big task. The main problems are:


This is related to how cloud supercomputing can be accessible to normal people. Let’s say once this technology is available, then it can access from anywhere in the world, making sure the internet connection is good. This requires more distributed servers which help in making a better connection.

Resource Allocation

What makes a supercomputer? A billion parts of hardware that interconnects in a very complex pattern, big memory, and big storage. Also, servers must have to capable enough to compute and use all these with high efficiency. All those requirements are hard to install and costly.

Cost Management

As the resource allocation is high, its cost will also be high. When it reaches the customer, it should not be that costly that he/she cant worth afford. Hence cost reduction is also a big task.

Internet Requirement

More powerful technology, more data it will take, and also more internet will be required to use the cloud efficiently. Without faster internet, it will be of no use as the main purpose of it is to give speed.


The main problem of cloud supercomputing is the security issue. This powerful technology should not be misused and should not be given to the hands of irresponsible people. Hence proper real-time clarification and for what purpose the user is using this technology must be taken into account.

How Does Cloud Supercomputing Works?

Here come all the things together. The cloud connects to a high-performance supercomputer through the internet. There are many such examples like this such as google cloud or google collab, which has its independent machine. That accesses by the cloud and we can have virtually high RAM and CPU efficiency on our device. The main benefit is no matter how old our computer is, we can run complex tasks without slowing down.    

How Microsoft Is Advancing In Cloud Supercomputing?

You may have heard about some of the services provided by Microsoft like Microsoft Asure and AMD. But what do these services do? The main function of them is to provide people with powerful computers using the cloud. And by advancing these technologies, Microsoft is currently dominating cloud supercomputing. Other services like Amazon AWS are also growing a lot. We can say that soon shortly, a good competition will take place in the market for the best cloud supercomputer.

The partnership of AMD with Microsoft Asure will help a lot to build such a platform.

What is Microsoft Asure?

The well-known Microsoft Asure is one of the best cloud computing technology provided by Microsoft. This is a web portal where you can manage your resources and services like you can store your data, transform data, and many more.

One can use this technology to do powerful computations on his/her computer without having prerequisites. The only thing you need is an internet connection. Once you have the subscription, you can use all of its features and simply you can see a lot of improvements in your device’s performance.

Let’s take an example, you wanted to build a revolutionary application which will surely help the people in near future. For that, you will require to do some computations and testing on it. Moreover to make it available publically, you need to publish your application.

And all for that, you will need servers, storage, developers, Authentication security, and a dedicated network. This requires a huge amount of investment upfront and if the application does not become much popular, then you will face a huge loss. But with the help of cloud computing, we can solve all these problems.

Microsoft Asure supports many different types of programming languages also such as C#, Cpp, Java, and many more. Asure is most popular due to its large data centers where it can hold a huge amount of and also data ensuring security.

What Are The Features of Asure?

Compute Services:

This includes a virtual machine in which you can virtually run a new computer having its RAM, CPU, and storage. This is supported in all types of OS like Linux, Windows, MAC, etc.

You can add RAM, an increase of decreased storage, and many more through this service.

Cloud Service

Next is cloud service where you can test your application’s performance, load balancing, and all other prerequisites.

Service Fabric

Here the process of developing your service is very much simplified. It is consists of microservices which is the collection of smaller service that forms the application.


With the help of this, you can build your application with any kind of programming language you want. You can build however you want and with the real-time preview of your application. This does not require any other RAM or Storage or any other computational requirements to build your application. You do not have to install any new model on your local system. All the requirement is already available in the service.

What is AMD?

Microsoft’s AMD provides high-performance computing through the cloud. With the collaboration of AMD and Asure, Microsoft is planning to deliver a revolutionary cloud supercomputer to all people. Using the advanced chips and AMD processors they plan to build one platform to provide all the requirements.

Customers’ high demand for high CPU, RAM, Storage, Computational power, simulations, and many more takes into account to make such a powerful platform. Rather than a simple public cloud, one can get all solutions remotely just using the internet.

The features will include AI analysis, Crash Test simulations, complex models, weather simulations, medical simulations, research perspective solutions, model training on even larger datasets, high-performance CPU and GPU, game development, and many more.

What can be more fascinating than using a computer that is million times powerful than our normal computer? And all we can get on our old computer without installing any new hardware or software!

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