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The 10 Biggest Cloud Computing News Stories Of 2020 (So Far)

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Shubham Vora is a student at IIIT Vadodara doing a B.Tech in computer science engineering. Ever since he was in school, he has been interested in spreading knowledge to people. After completing his schooling he starts writing professionally. His main purpose is to offer enough guidance and resist people to be fooled. He is interested in helping society.

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Rushi Javiya is currently doing B.Tech at IIIT Vadodara and always interested in challenges. He believes mindfulness in the workplace is the key to success. His hunger for knowledge and determination to turn information into action has contributed to CloudForTech. He is always interested in exploring new things and spreading tech Knowledge to tech enthusiastically.

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Manthan Ghasadiya is currently doing B.Tech CSE at IIITVadodara. He is interested in working with different Operating Systems, solving their different errors, and sharing those solutions with others. His main purpose is to get as much knowledge as possible and spread that knowledge with others.

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Mohit Panchasara is a B-Tech Student at IIIT Vadodara in the IT branch. He is keen on the field of gaming technology and software and furthermore very aficionado to give information about each new tech toy that comes in the market, how it works, its advantages, and how to utilize them. He generally accepts savvy work as the way to progress. His content could help all the watchers of CloudForTech pick up data with respect to new innovations.