6 Cloud Computing Innovations That You should Know

If you are a tech enthusiast or cloud developer then you should know about some epic things in the cloud or we can say some of the best cloud computing innovations. What comes first into your mind when you heard the word cloud computing innovations. Is this is same as the benefits of the cloud or this is some innovation that if someone told me 100 years ago you didn’t believe that. If you want to stay up to date on the cloud or you are a programmer then you must read this article.

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Cloud computing offers many advantages and possibilities that one can not get easily with new software services or anywhere else. If you buy a new software service without cloud and you require to deploy on-premise of new software hardware. These can take around six months of time and some money as well. However, with cloud computing, you can get this in sometimes 10 minutes. It is not just about money and time but it also takes care of convenience. Cloud allows business high order velocity of software development or application production. Which might lead to lower time in market publication. And time matters when you are living in a faster-growing and changing world of technology. The use of cloud computing enables companies to do more experiments on software. Which can increase the quality and thus demand of software or application.

In this article, we will see some of the best cloud computing innovations that are done till now. These all cloud computing innovations are real world. It solves long-term problems and gives rapid advantages. However, cloud computing is still growing technology. So we can expect some more innovation from cloud computing. These are the major innovations and will change the way how developers build, develop, and scale tech products in the future.

Pre-built virtual machine images

It is a tough task to get your preferred virtual machine (VM) with the OS (operating system). However, after getting it you still need to license the application and install that you want. The ability to get the application and virtual machine (VM) with the OS (operating system) of your choice all ready to run is just priceless for developers.

Blockchain as a Service

Amazon, Microsoft, IBM are some of the cloud service providers that allow companies or organizations to adopt blockchain technology. This business model is also known as Baas (Blockchain-as-a-Service). This allows to create, configure, and maintain blockchain technology. With this company can also use the pay-as-you-use model to build applications based on blockchain. It provides advantages like security, transparency, lower cost, lower risk, and traceability. These make blockchain technology commercially accessible.

Site Reliability Robot

These site reliability robots are new things in the cloud computing field. It predicts, monitors, and suggests insights for changes in config and resource among VM instance, OS, and installed packages. And reduce cost. Prgrammars and developers can get benefits from site reliability robot by evaluating new architecture, deploying new code, and adjust change in patterns. It provides easy-to-implement Cloud automation solutions. It also removes the guesswork from running application. Which result in lower cost and higher performance. Site reliability robots provides smart alerts, easy setup, advanced monitoring, and continuous optimization.

Customizable AI services

There are many cases where pre-trained AI model don’t do what it is suppose to do or what you need. Here we already have trained model and we don’t transfer of learning. It means train few neural network on the top of an existing model. This give us customized AI service. It is faster than training AI model from scratch. Most of cloud service provider offers customizable AI service. However, service name might be different. This is also known as AI-as-a-Service.

AI-as-a-Service is applicable in all major field like speaker and speech identification, natural language processing, Image/Video Processing with Computer Vision. Microsoft, Google, AWS, and IBM offers this type of service. AI and ML model’s computing power has increased dramatically and there are many free and open source model available. So this is the reason of popularity of AI and ML technology.

These benefits developer with no prior experience in the field of AI or ML. Application can be integrated with automation of hundreds of tasks. Customized AI model can be used in any use case. We can easily access this service by single API call.

Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing is one of the nonclassical computing that works on subatomic particles’s quantum state. However, this might seems like sci-fi-level innovation. This paradigm is not same as classical computer. This trys to replace the existing paradigm and gives much higher speed. Many big comanies are focusing on developing viable quantum computing solutions. However, this is in intial phase of development. IBM, AWS and Microsoft have started offering this quantum computing service in their cloud service. It’s processing speed is much greater than other. Quantum Computing sloves problems that today’s generation computer takes enormous time. It offers quantum computer in cloud computing.

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